~ Effraction Nocturne ~

An aquatic and sensory fable


The dream acts a consciousness invader. This surreal social fresco, associated with the alchemy of water, interrogates the mutating sociability issues of today. On the landscaped waters of Effraction Nocturne, a bouquet of trees, a house-village, a public square and a few inhabitants infuse into what seems like the daily life of a neighborhood. Yet, welcome to your dreams!  Nothing is quite normal here and the life that we share with this group of men and women is that of their unconscious, through their own dreams and nightmares, which they embody in both monsters and heroes. In this parallel and unstable world anything can happen, submerging, emerging, metamorphosing and in perdition; nothing is definitive and every situation breathes sense and symbol.

Video : Effraction Nocturne Workinprogress

Pictures of the show