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11 janvier 2024 // Travail en cours


Ce mois-ci, chaque jeudi à Tarascon :
Ateliers de danse-fiction avec les grandes sections de l’école maternelle Marie Curie et la classe de CM2 de l’école Jean Macé

Approcher ses propres rêves,
les exprimer, les développer artistiquement,
leur permettre de  devenir supports de l’imaginaire,
moteurs de mises en mouvement créatives et chorégraphies collectives.

Avec Fabienne Passabet-Labiste & Dominique Noel
ILOTOPIE inventions interventions artistiques

// Nouvelle création

Drawing on a rich diversity of approaches and experiment with arts in public spaces Ilotopie proposes, amid a planetary tide, a walkabout show named: “A PERSONAL SPECTACLE” 

Our education seems to have left each of us by the wayside, along with 7 billion others, as “social orphans”. Recently, society has done away with the majority of its rites of passage: and today it is diplomas, gifts, permits, cards, rights and contracts which have become our only remaining vestiges of belonging. And yet at the same time, art and artists still transmit a living experience, prying doors which others help us to open, in order to create profound interactions.

With « A PERSONAL SPECTACLE », a sensorial trail, luxurious in its individuality, we wish to achieve a transfer of emotion. Striving to project kindness, whilst cutting through to people, blinding, with a piercing stare. In a word, destabilising.

The artists in question know how to give, to let go, to persuade, to laugh at themselves. Similarly, the installations themselves challenge the imagination, immersed in unfamiliar worlds, seizing moments which we would see preserved. This passage, in itself a rite, seeks to shake-up our tensions, our ideas and our hopes; the proximity with audience members will veil and unveil a tenderness, stringing out minutes into eternity.

This is a show which guides us along the edge of the world that comes next.

A TRAIL of 12 stages, a curation of theatrical acts.

Each stage of the PERSONAL SPECTACLE feeds on a theme, mulling over in turn:

  • Our animality
  • The water within us
  • Love or empathy
  • Time stands still
  • Hot and cold/ Fire, banishes the cold
  • One to one for one
  • The infinite thread
  • The window to the soul

…Plus other subjects brought to life via situational shows still in progress…

Throughout this passage, we will call on gesture, music, bodies, behaviours, architecture, words, fragrances; and a tangle of socio-cultural elements. Whether daytime or night, we will look to bring about a progressive destabilisation for our audience, as they are satisfyingly lost.

These individual scenarios, alongside others, are in the process of being written and staged. This is simply an indicative list, a true, casual progression whose task it is to unite the questions posed at each step, whilst avoiding a material coherence. It is for the spectator to trace their own path, led by their own awareness.


One by one, the audience will arrive on a pathway hewn in society, a track to take, a shortcut, a situational show. This walkabout uses theatre as a rite of passage, always one to one, we are alone with the artist, individually immersed in an installation, and invited to walk these 12 stages and 12 thresholds all alone. Each vestibule opens on a new experience, a confrontation, an encounter, a light, a peal of laughter.

We are in a multiverse where each head to head stage is completely different to the next, a scrambled world laden with signs and filled with emotions, intense exchanges, dynamically charged.
Each stage offers 4 minutes of absorption / reflection, between two vestibules, and it should take two minutes for an audience member to move between the two stages.
In this way, the trail lasts approximately one hour per person, and runs continuously over 4 hours for the performers, and 3 hours for the reception team.

Every 6 minutes, an audience member crosses the threshold of the PERSONAL SPECTACLE.

The team is made up of one host, 5 performers and two technicians. The installation might take place in a wasteland, a theatre, a forest, a park, a building. This immersive ritual can welcome between 30 to 60 audience members a day, over one or two sessions, with a break of at least two hours.



This creation will be delivered partially by ilotopie’s company budget, thanks to support from our institutional partners, and partially through residences and co-productions.
We are looking for 5 residences and 5 co-productions, each with a net production value of €5000. It is these participations which will allow us to reduce the handover cost for our future partners.

Handover cost for two shows lasting 3 hours (60 audience members over the day/evening):

€3500 excluding tax, infrastructure costs,
rigging/de-rigging and extras (+++)
On tour: 8 people travelling from Arles, France.

2 janvier 2024 // Travail en cours

théatre d'eau et de paysage - théâtre de plein air