Specific Creations


Celebration of the year of Gaudí

Park Güell is one of the realizations of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. Located in Barcelona, it is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

The city of Barcelona wanted that its inhabitants return to the Park Güell.
With the help of Gaudí, ilotopie proposed 40 intimate performances hidden throughout the park and not possible to all see in one day.
We chose to invest the entire Park Güell with an abundance of extraordinary life, melded, mimetic or on the contrary highlighting architectures and wooded areas, thereby affirming man in his mineral, organic and cosmic links.
Blend of nature and music, of performers, of dance and astonishing actions, this day entranced 30,000 Catalans, happy as new children.

Mélange de nature et de musique, de performeurs, de danse et d’actions inouïes, cette journée a scotché 30000 Catalans, heureux comme de nouveaux enfants.