~ Company ~

ilotopie is a company of open space theater. Invention and artistic intervention are our modes of action.

We’ve developed artistic creations and cultural actions in the widest transversal mix of disciplines imaginable. In the confines of our region, at the mouth of the Rhone river where it melds into the Mediterranean sea, ilotopie thus emerged from an island in the mythic Camargue region of southern France; ever since, the waters so present have inseminated a feverish activity to a handful of insulars.

As if to preserve this singular point of view towards the world, we develop artistic spheres and explorations that take you from the ultimately intimate to the ultimately planetary: from Port Saint Louis to Seoul, from the marshes of the Camargue to Russian port towns, our very original form of culture thus circulates, caressing imaginaries, exposing the democratic strength of what public spaces can offer, traveling our theater with its’ universal language, speaking not word, holding richness in sense and inspiring utopias.

Artistic Direction
Bruno Schnebelin

Administration / Production
Sandrine Brunet

Conception and direction of projects
Dominique Noël

General Stage Manager
Julien Bonelli

Artistic and Technical Team: Fanny Baxter, Eric Bernard, Ghislain Bertrand, Géraldine Blin, Lucile Boissonnet, Sébastien Coulomb, Fanny Decoust, Pierre Delosme, Nathan Escudero, Philippe Eustachon, Emmanuel Fleury, Andras Hajdu, Anna Idatte, Julien Lemonnier, Nicolas Leras, Tito Leras, Bernard Llopis, Daniela Luna, Sonia Mondon, William Néfussi, Dominique Noël, Fabienne Passabet, Arnaud Poupin, Gaël Rodier, Eléonore Rouland, Vincent Saint Loubert Bié, Guillaume Sarrouy, Manon Trentesaux, Boris Wenger, Florian Wenger, Ann Williams, Pascal Wyrobnik…

In 1992, the artists and technicians of iliotopie build the Yellow Lemon, in Port Saint Louis du Rhone, France; It is the first space conceived to serve as a creation-and-construction-space specifically for Street Art projects in France. Since 2005, the Yellow Lemon has received the National Center for Street Arts label, receiving a larger number of companies working in public spaces and developing cultural actions in the field.


Since 2019, the company settle in Arles in the old stationeries Etienne renamed « les Papets » , where we develop our new shows with the same passion.