~ Shows on the water ~

Water, from the lake to the river, the dock to the beach, ingites the pleasures of horizons and spaces. Rivers, lakes, seas and ports are, like deep forests, our reservoirs of the imaginary. Virgin scenes, these water surfaces open to unconstructed breathings and carry the city dweller to the edge of the social jungle.

With waters, all mythologies are already there, in each; but the future beckons also, from the surf to the laked city, from new energy sources to fears of shortages, from deluge to requesting waters from elsewhere. In our practices, water is a new field of contemporary theatre experience, exuberant in the energy of a primordial element.

îles de paille, îles essentielles

Création 2024

Grand spectacle nocturne en dérive guidée sur un fleuve ou une rivière, traversant le cœur de la ville, théâtre vivant sur l’eau avec 10 acteurs et musiciens.



Show-parade for river

Guided by a galoubet player on a perched boat, a small people of transparent silhouettes descend the river; these oscillating and luminous chimeras are escorted by three shepherds sailing like rats on petal-boats.

The Extraordinary Journey

show on the water by ilotopie company-Monterrey,2020

A surrealist aquatic show

Here the water becomes aquatic carnival, with unimaginable scenes, surreal, grotesque and poignant... The word is bowled

Water Fools

Spectacle sur l'eau-Show on the water-ilotopie-water show-aquatic show

Grand aquatic and pyrotechnic show

A street, a car, a palace, princes and migrants, people of little means, all populate this modern fairy tale lost in the reflections of a fire-lit sky...

Nocturnal Break In

Tragicomedy of dissolution



Spectacle sur l'eau-Show on the water-ilotopie-water show-aquatic show

Aquatic Events

The actors are of light and fire, their machines are underwater and floating islands, cages and animals, flowers and boulders.

Island Collectors

Spectacle sur l'eau-Show on the water-ilotopie-water show-aquatic show

Little Floating Stories

Insulars, we know them, there are 6 billon on earth, and each creates his island to his image and within his capacities and rites. All of these islands intermingle here in their differences and their paradoxes...

~ Specific Creations ~

Special events, public relations, thematic development, pre-shows…

The ilotopie company adores inventive adventures where constraints meet creation for unexpected audiences. We are always interested by new adventures. You can contact us to share other projects, new utopias. We study all projects and all possibilities to invent new voyages with you, your audiences and your landscapes.

Valuation of the social sphere

Spectacle immeuble

Marseille, PLM - Palace with Moderate Rent

A week of festivities in a stunning five-star palace in ‘La Castellane’, in the northern neighborhood of Marseille... An event!

Artistic course for motorist-spectator

Théâtre de Paysage

Port Saint Louis, Route to the sea

This journey-spectacle offers 7 kilometers of viewpoints, extraordinary and paradoxical proposals, connecting the city to the beach.

Museums and performing arts

Musées et art vivant-spectacle

Aix en Provence, Istres... Museum Night

The cellars of the Archaeological Museum of Istres welcomed "ilotopie downstairs" for a very attentive and very local public.

Landscape-show on the river

installation flottante-théâtre de paysage

Tours, Jour de Loire

A world heritage river in which to be awash for 4 days, the pleasures of landscapes with the emotion and poetry of a spectacle. May-June 2003


Théâtre de Paysage

Celebration of the year of Gaudí

Celebration of the year of Gaudi at the Park Güell in Barcelona with 30 fully alive and convivial artistic proposals

Staging of an industrial site

Mise en scène d'un site industriel

Étang de Berre, EDF hydro-electric plant

Spectacle proposed in the context of the World Water Forum themed "harmonizing water and energy”.

Water show in heart of the city

Spectacle sur l'eau-Show on the water-ilotopie-water show-aquatic show

water show / The Noctibules, Annecy

Water passing under bridges, becomes at night the black blood of the city, speckled with stars

Storytelling for a new car launch

Spectacle sur l'eau-Show on the water-ilotopie-water show-aquatic show

Turin, premier of the new fiat 500

Turin, Italy 2007 – a retrospective of the Italian dream from the 1950s’ to the present day, a prelude to the world premiere of the new Fiat 500 in Turin...

Grand aquatic parade

Spectacle sur l'eau-Show on the water-ilotopie-water show-aquatic show

Adana / Turkey, opening of the festival

The Turkish Ministry of Culture organizes a theatre festival in Adana...

Carnival direction

Pilotage carnaval

Martigues, city Carnival

For three years, the ilotopie company accompanied the Martigues Carnival. Our field experience allowed us to implement a dynamic interface with the ensemble of the partners and residents.

Staging of historical heritage

Mise en scène du patrimoine historique

500 years of the tower Belem

Portugal has slid its adventure between sky and water, seas and land. 500 years of major crossings to democracy

Opening of the Carnival of Venice

spectacle sur l'eau-water show

Opening of the carnival 2013

Between two bridges, between two quays, between two characters, between water and night. This is «Metamorphosis Aquaticae», the ilotopie nautical parade between three arches...


The most beautiful encounters have their accessories, in the city or in the countryside; a public bench, flowers…and when thousands of people get together, ilotopie offers ‘full-scale accessories’.

An invitation to acting-out for some, thresholds to elsewhere for others, these urban toys for water or asphalt, interactive, evolving, or alive, intrigue the passers-by and the motorist by their meaning, their nature and their mode of operation.

Le Peuple de Cristal

Show on the water-Deventer-Christal people

Installation permanente

Une centaine de figures humanoïdes transparentes et mouvantes, ancrées à la surface de l’eau : Ici, en une conversation animée, un groupe de 8 figures dressées oscillent au moindre souffle d'air et mouvement de l'eau Là, un duo se fait face...


An installation of great solar and aquatic divinities

This installation on water consecrates the rise of myths: five aquatic deities present in different waters of the planet emerge gently from the surface to appear as huge double-faced heads.

Big ears

Sculptures intéractives-installation urbaine

Interactive sculptures

Big ears punctuate a square, a park, prompting passers-by to sit in their hollow, to listen to anecdotes and stories.


Architectures flottantes

Laked city

Does water have a thread? Is this thread - to catch the water? And skimming the surface, is this the narcissus the Greeks were talking about?

Petal Kiosk

Architecture flottante-scène flottante

Great floating stage

A petal-kiosk, with its mobile flower-arms, is a stationary or floating element, which can accommodate actors, dancers or music performances, and even solo speakers on an educational theme.

The calibrator labyrinth

90 square meters of labyrinth for children and adults

90 square meters of labyrinth for children and adults

The Forum

Architecture ludique- Installation urbaine

Democratic seesaw

Small amphitheater at the waters’ edge finding balance between orator and spectators

~ Since 40 years... ~

Splash Opera

Here, the grotesque fable of a drifting society are inhabited by a ballerina, an old child, perched horses, a clown, train employees, a fairy, and a light-filled death wooing soldiers, at the feet of a clepsydra of traveler rats.

This event, carried by strong vocal and musical creation, navigates in a squeaky childhood amidst toy characters that don’t stand long against the disenchantment test of time our world deals us. Roles gradually disintegrate in incongruity and farce: as wills our world, maturity remains inaccessible.

Baroque opera, somewhat misguided, derailed in grand splashings, in fractures, joys and unexpected tomorrows; of the opera, we’ve kept only the essentials: water and rats.

On our shared planet, waters will rise and waters will lack. In this hard-truth paradox, ilotopie creates  » Splash Opera », a new aquatic show already performed 10 times in South Korea, before more than 100,000 spectators.


A newly created street theatre will be presented through international tours

It is formed from parts of two lively companies; 4 members of the Ilotopie from Europe and 4 members of the Homo-Ludens from Asia. They have had a successful union for about 9-10 weeks, whilst preserving each own identity.

The recipe is so successful that no sauce is needed for this dish, which will be served hot on the street of urban environment, in front of a lively crowd. This assorted dish will be served in France in 2006, throughout beautiful months of June, July and August, and also tasted in South Korea in the quiet of September and October, before touring internationally.

This production presenting in the heart of street will give audience an opportunity to appreciate intensive and constructive forces of different cultures. Let’s change our keys !

water oxymorons

water show with positive energy

In the aquatic show « Water Oxymores », the tall floating lighthouse of wind and solar architecture feeds the lights, musics and aquatic live machines of the fifteen actors.

When evenig comes, from a symbolic word mired in concessions and baseness, beween abandonment and abundance, tender and sensitive beings will mischievously emerge, very well adapted to rising and wet loves.

The poetry of characters waking on the water and the dreams helds afloat by the energy of the place and the intrepidity of the actors.

« Water 0xymores » is the development of a major show for the company, magical and almost shamanic, but a show wich also carries the corrosive values that we each defend, humanly, in our contemporary society, windows on possible choices and a panel of fragments of utopias put in tatters with acidic images of the current world.


Artistic actions for 9 days and 9 nights

Dancers, Circassians (du cirque ou du caucase?), musicians and actors will thus, day after night, reinvent their existence in the midst of our society, with the passers-by, inhabitants, children and spectators.
CoNFINES, a derision of the Sisyphean myth, offers, at last, an opportunity to live a true communal link, so that the street remains a forum, a show and a celebration.


dungeons, my secret dungeons.

Engulfing spectacle

Seven spheres, the size of a room, of a cell.


Cachots/Cachotteries comes in the form of a series of intimate architectures, closed doors, impossible universes.

Interiors within interiors in which only an actor can introduce the public.

At the beginning of the path, in the preambulatory, an actor is assigned three people,or if you like, three future spectators are assigned an actor.

And so it is that four of us, perhaps arm in arm, they are heading towards the first sphere…



Narcissus Reflects

Show for still water

It’s at night, standing on the water, that these eight floating mobile actors will agitate the phantoms of a blinding social narcissism: individuals euphoric in self-adulation, echoes of influence, clones in transparency, buffoons of appearance, man-imago, homo-logos….

ilotopie explores here the construction of the individual via the myth of Narcissus, searching how in our society all our bits of self still seek unicity. The original Narcissus, sterile, with no descendants, inaccessible to himself, succeeds at present in multiplying and virtualizing himself: the history of his evolution is in complicity with the advent of the imperialism of the image. Narcissus, organ in the representation of the “selves”, diffuses as we speak to the millions.

Poetic spectacle delivered as a large choreographed fresco, searching in the waters the origins of theater.

Menu Pleasures

The meal as ritual, and personalized access to food are on the pleasures menu !

“Here is a game of actors, like one would say of a game of cards.”

Menu Pleasures is born of a desire for proximity to the public, very close proximity. It is a theater of proximity “truly carried” by the actors and designed to rush into pre-existing architectures: the characters seep into places and passages in order to morph spaces and functions; and then comedians, actors, dancers, musicians and performers invite the public to use of these ephemeral utopias.

Capital Connections

a tunnel theater placed on the boulevards


Woodland clearing, The Orient Express, The farmhouse courtyard...

A bus radically transformed makes its rounds throught the city and offer the everyday users a part of dream, an other point of view in their routine, a convivial pretext for encounters, to wonder about reality…

Topies island

water show about the original metaphor

Ecological water show fable and epic of an floating island in a three-day show.

A serial story full of humor and fury with ten inhabitants with multiple roles.

The great stretch

Several kilometers of laundry are drying across the city

“When I hear about culture, I take out my clothespin…The Albigensians will certainly have, this morning, one of their biggest surprises of the year by discovering a linen worker with her clothesline where shirts, pants, slip skirts, bras are hung… In short, the whole wardrobe usually hung up in the drying rack at the bottom of the garden or elsewhere…The entire register of human feelings is there. Astonishment, amazement, irritation, questioning, indignation, frank laughter, a crooked smile betraying some inner jubilation… » (Le Tarn)