~ Carnival direction ~

Martigues, city Carnival

For three years, the ilotopie company accompanied the Martigues Carnival. Our field experience allowed us to implement a dynamic interface with the ensemble of the partners and residents, and via a succession of meetings be a source of proposals.

We had great pleasure in sharing every magical moment both in the preparations and the realizations in the festive atmosphere that is the Martigues Carnival.

We were touched by the inventiveness of all the actors of the Carnival, the high quality of the collective realizations as much for the costumes, the floats, the carnivalistic interventions but also by the beautiful energies and commitment that transpired in the collective demonstrations during the events.



As artistic guide, it was important that all the protagonists of the Carnival invent a relevant place in the event. Opening dialogue, dreaming a bit louder, feeding an imagination to be discovered collectively, giving the opportunity to everyone to enter in the co-construction of the festival were axes of reflection put into effect throughout the development of the project.

By inviting the population to invent a festival that resembles them, then expressing it in a public space, the city of Martigues, the ilotopie company and residents affirm the importance of maintaining spaces of free expression, purveyors of exchange and creation. It was important for us to mark the democratic aspect in the co-construction of this event.



Pictures of the show