~ Colored people ~

Very alive, mobile and spectacular show

People of color wander in the city, greatening the image of man by their apparent freedom. People stop, cars stop, architecture becomes grey and naked.

One color per person: blue turquoise, bright red, apple green, lemon yellow, fuchsia pink… and a different life circulates, brilliant and fluid. The people of color pass by in a run, chat up onlookers, take the bus, eat their color at the market.

Finally, soothed by a universe of ordinary gestures and delicate objects, the actors will, one by one, block their movements in their own color. It is at this instant of repetitiveness that suddenly the fixative surges: foam.
Exuberant foam that explodes from the traveler’s backpack, flowing foam that petrifies the bather’s feet… Everywhere, plastic expression chokes gestures and invents a new form, half-man-half-thing, colored mutants that are evacuated who-knows-where.


Pictures of the show