On the water

Island Collectors

Little Floating Stories

Insulars, we know them, there are 6 billon on earth, and each creates his island to his image and within his capacities and rites. All of these islands intermingle here in their differences and their paradoxes...

Before the show, three floating islands are installed on the water.

In the beginning, this archipelago will become populated, to each his island!

– The green island is inhabited by a character of assorted color, who can romantically navigate in a sort of floating petal.
– The yellow island is occupied by an invasive holiday-maker, who owns a small electric island for tourism in the archipelago.
– The pink island is the home to a clown who knows how to travel on the water in his umbrella.

But adrift, arrives a newcomer lost on the water, whose baggage forms his only universe and who would love to disembark…

Sound creations sometimes emanate from the islands like the subtitling of a film, reversing situations.

A “socio-comic” drama that develops on the water like on a big theater stage, for a show without words but not without surprises.



Show on the water
60 minutes, all audiences and gauge according to site…

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