artistic adventures

Love all night long

Suite amoureuse for vibraphone, piano, cello, double bass, impulse spectators and actors of good composition.

– Love all night long!
– And why not all your life?
– All night long is not bad enough!
– Yes, but then there are inequalities!
– It depends on where you are, at the North Pole, during the winter solstice, for example!
– Love has nothing to do with equality!

a whole night devoted to love, from the first meeting to the big thrill.
Will they seduce each other, meet each other, spread each other out, love each other, taser each other, turlupiner each other, palpate each other, taste each other, fall in love with each other, touch each other, touch each other, tie each other up, cherish each other, let each other go, get tired of each other, leave each other?

Amorous suite for vibraphone, piano, cello, double bass, drive spectators and well-composed actors. Designed and produced with Alex Grillo, composer.
Colorimetric data very deteriorated over the first 5 minutes