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Museums and performing arts

Aix en Provence, Istres... Museum Night

Our proposal was to provide a living visit of the cellars of the Archaeological Museum of Istres, based on the imagination of the dig, the burial, and the discovery. Six actresses and actors held the evening for more than 2 hours for about 300 spectators.

At the top of the stairs, a receptionist with a labyrinth of entrails welcomes the public. He invites them to explore the cellars by offering luminous keys.

Downstairs, in a twilight world with sounds of water, air and rocks, the public, actors in their beams of light, discover a sort of mimetic Minotaur freshly awakened, a jeweled androgynous Sisyphus and its double, a Medusa walking her rocks.

At the rear, after the succession of rooms, a pregnant man, brooding eggs, hands over his still-warm offspring… to adopt? Or to devour? In another room, a more feminine figure is perceived, as a Sylph, sculpting space, in an air-inflated dance, in white and luminous waves. The time of a secret, she installs her play with the visitors and the space of the room…