artistic adventures

Narcissus Reflects

Show for still water

It’s at night, standing on the water, that these eight floating mobile actors will agitate the phantoms of a blinding social narcissism: individuals euphoric in self-adulation, echoes of influence, clones in transparency, buffoons of appearance, man-imago, homo-logos….

ilotopie explores here the construction of the individual via the myth of Narcissus, searching how in our society all our bits of self still seek unicity. The original Narcissus, sterile, with no descendants, inaccessible to himself, succeeds at present in multiplying and virtualizing himself: the history of his evolution is in complicity with the advent of the imperialism of the image. Narcissus, organ in the representation of the “selves”, diffuses as we speak to the millions.

Poetic spectacle delivered as a large choreographed fresco, searching in the waters the origins of theater.