On the water

Nocturnal Break In

Tragicomedy of dissolution

Three blows of a foghorn resound in the night.
Are we embarking ? Which trip, which destination ?

A lighthouse draws its circles, cutting darkness.
It reassures, it invites… even when lighthouse there is, the pitfall lays not far.
Attracted by its flashes, with a single momentum, the actors leave the ranks of the spectators and slip into the aquatic mists.

In a context of instability, dilution and engulfment, the acts and prowesses of an existential circus succeed and weave into each other, seeking the course towards a new world.
Authors of our shipwreck, will we all become Robinsons Crusoe ?
Which Robensons society do we want to build ?
Faced with our current challenges, it is in the vital forces on the water that we interrogate our place and our commitment, in this society borrowing time.

With : the Rocking old woman, the gardener of fantasies, the Big boy, the Lady with the Suitcase, the Jogger, the Suspended man, the Eternal in love, the Concierge, the Charismatic bastard
Here the actors warm up with doubts, dissolve land marks, cultivate fantasies, juggle with fears, explore the other, knit the live, sink with the living room, bury death, kill time, challenge emotion, stumble over powerlessness, venture on the horizon, piss on the world, lose their balance, rebound in the night



  • Cultura Nova 2019