On the water

The Extraordinary Journey

A surrealist aquatic show

A new form of theatre exuberates itself in the energy of a primordial Element

Here the water becomes aquatic carnival, with unimaginable scenes, surreal, grotesque and poignant… The word is bowled

Floating in the centre of the water space, a planet comes alive in the footsteps of a balancing actor. The news of the world tattoos the skin of the globe.
Dramatic scenographic heart, the planet radiates on a universe which develops all around its orbit :

Masterful light play, colors and explosions, actors-chimeras, jousting fire, musical and mechanical incandescent flights, designs the contours of this new world, soon populated by a contemporary population.

From dawn to twilight, shining, smoking, the planet continues its rotation, wearing out and consuming itself, perhaps revived in the end by the life that takes back its rights


Upcoming dates

  • Thursday June 13

    The Extraodinary Journey

    Événement privé, Swedbank, Riga, Lettonie

  • Saturday July 13

    The extraodinary journey

    Saison culturelle, Fos sur Mer