artistic adventures

The morning dwellers

Ephemeral neighbors

Arriving in the early hours of the morning from the four corners of the city, Les Habitants du matin wander around charged with uprooted strength.
Without promising the moon, they are the bearers of utopias, and will provoke fleeting crossroads, intense and poetic encounters with local residents, schoolchildren and passers-by, opening up a corner of the imagination, a snag in the trivialized fabric of the everyday landscape.

Here are just a few of the inhabitants: the wall being, an actor without gravity, forbidden to stay on the ground; the Woman-object, who spills out onto the sidewalks in a multitude of memories; the Lunatic, a small celestial man who wanders around his logistical sphere; the homo-clefs, a craftsman of openness and questioning; the Neologue, an astral traveler who never goes anywhere without his soft ladder…