Specific Creations

Valuation of the social sphere

Marseille, PLM - Palace with Moderate Rent

A luxury five-star palace in the heart of the ‘La Castellane’ neighborhood of Marseille

A week of festivities in a stunning five-star palace in ‘La Castellane’, in the northern neighborhood of Marseille… An event!


During a week, a social housing edifice is transformed into a five-star palace hotel with its monumental entrance and its vast hall linking two of the buildings’ entrances: conservatory, gold leaf, marble columns, piano-bar, all the signs of classical, voluptuous luxury are there, especially its cortege of servants: grooms, doorman, receptionists, maîtres d’hôtel, chamber maids, laundry ladies… 24/7 the hotel staff – this is to say the ilotopie actors – give their all to please the inhabitants: breakfast in bed, piano-bar at any time of the day, limousine rides, housecleaning…, on a simple call to the reception.