Posted 5 months ago

Together in the house on fire, and yet, entertaining and not giving up, playing  but not forgetting anything, loving and expecting nothing in return, living like hounds, SCREAM !

2024 the  planet, with water lacking here and rising, there water is our stage !

As a shared landscape which our team turns into a gigantic dream, from the water, we shall travel to the edge of the earth to greet you !

Browse among all our offers on our website, then come back to find us on line, as images and living realities… but do not miss our ongoing creation: « essential straw islands ».

Bruno Schnebelin, artistic director

ilotopie, take-away shows

Posted 1 year ago

In 2023, no one wants to go to the coal mines, so there’s plenty of time to discover water as a poetic stage. However, compagnie ilotopie would like to inform you that when there isn’t enough water in the rivers and lakes, our water-theater shows will be performed mainly on the immense sea, especially as the coastline will have moved much closer to our audiences.

In the meantime, let’s set off on “Dérives”, be “Bienvenue au bord” and share our “Réflexions”, a series of shows in progress (on the water) or under construction to come together in pleasure.

Bruno Schnebelin, artistic director.