artistic adventures

Life in a bus shelter

“How, by diverting street furniture from its usual function, to provoke the emotion of users, how in an ephemeral way new relationships can be born.”

For one morning, one or more days, a family settles into the bus shelters of a city.
A kitchen atmosphere in the morning, with the smell of toast and hot coffee, radio news, striped pygamas and oilcloth…
In the evenings, it’s a TV lounge.
The furniture is convertible, mounted on castors and can be moved from one bus shelter to another according to the chosen scenario.

The image of the bus shelter as an advertising medium, an empty, impersonal place designed for short waits, is superimposed on that of a cozy, intimate and convivial “home”.
The dynamic is created by the shift in image, by the play of contrasts -intimate/public-, mirroring one’s still-fresh home.
It’s a fleeting image of a daily routine that will linger in the memory of bus commuters waiting for their bus every morning.