23 janvier 2017

Welcome to ilotopie

Spectacle sur l'eau-Show on the water-ilotopie-water show-aquatic show

When at the interface of the world, like each artist, but also like each citizen, one must ever seek the best poetically suffused path and the most conducive to the invention of the future.

Recent social and political history leads the public space, meaning our common spaces, toward power struggles and international media competition issues; like the backgrounds on television news the world over, the city becomes playground of the strongest, location of the latest bout and of the following one…

We, artists of urbanites and public places, witness the abduction of common spaces by multinationals, legislators, developers, publicists and warriors. No populace has asked for this, of course.

In this commercial and political hostage situation, art loses its community roots that are so difficult to weave, and of which Street Arts are good craftsmen.

For many of us, the Vichy sparkles not. We will not deliver Street Arts in a humanitarian corridor with a politico-cultural request of weak consensus and humorous animation. However, we can accompany all those who rise up in the cities and squares, because the needs for imaginaries are enormous, in order to learn to see without delegating, to think without dogma.

Bruno Schnebelin, artist at ilotopie


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