Welcome to ilotopie

It’s winter that our team prepares the shows for the season, in the South region, in Arles.

There, our new workshops and offices write and invent living images that will jump from city to city in 2020 and long after.

So close to the sea and the river Rhone, water is the heart of our subject, the matter of our extravaganza, the place of our research, the space of our expression and the reason of our concerns.

This year, our repertoire of drama on the water has been enriched with a new show, « Nocturnal Break In », fable interpreted by eight actresses and actors questioning strange ways of life, at the limit of dilution.

For the company, the spectacle in public space is the tool of meetings and exchanges, it’s an address of individual to individual, it can challenge fears and draw smiles; this open-air theater does not need to walk through door because it simply arises in our common territory.

ilotopie, a fabric of poetic universes, is directly part of the social hustle and bustle that stirs up the planet, that shakes up our representations and takes us into an incredible future.

Let’s travel together in the imagination.

Bruno Schnebelin

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